About Us

Our Simple Business Plan:

"Take care of the customer"

Cedar Creek "Summit" Siding and Trim products are prefinished to provide your home with exceptional durability and beauty. Our unique factory painting system has been developed by experts and undergone extensive testing to guarantee products that are as beautiful as they are durable.

Our products are manufactured to meet strict tolerance guidelines and come in 16-foot lengths to help speed up the installation process and reduce the number of seams on your home by up to 33%. Unlike many siding products, Cedar Creek "Summit" Prefinished Siding and Trim are warranted against cracking, flaking, weathering, and excessive fade. This means less time spent repainting or repairing your product and more time spent enjoying it. In fact, in addition to our 30-year Limited Coating Warranty, you can also rest assured that LP Smart products are warranted for 50 years to resist fungal decay and termites.

Much like natural wood, but without many of the drawbacks, Cedar Creek "Summit" Prefinished Siding  helps you add a touch of craftsmanship and warm appeal to any style of home. When you use Cedar Creek "Summit" Prefinished LP SmartSide Lap Siding and Trim on your home, you have the peace of mind of knowing that they come with remarkable durability, exclusive engineering, innovative coating, one-of-a-kind technology, and, above all, protection and beauty for many years to come.